Congress from 1st to 2nd of July 2017 in Illertissen, Germany

On 1st and 2nd of July 2017 the first congress on hydrosols "Aqua Aromatica -rediscovery of hydrosols" takes place in Illertissen, Germany. There will be speeches and workshops about the subjects of medicine, health caring, aromatherapy, culinary, history and olfactory related to hydrosols.
Accompanying the conference, the exhibition „Opus mulierum – The lost art of women  offers inspiring insights about historic women in alchemy and distillation. Selected hydrosol manufacturers and processors will set up a small market with high quality products.

Who we are

The Congress is organized by Anke Brüchert, Andrea Nydegger and Sarah Daum in cooperation with Arven, school of herbalism, aromatherapy and wilderness knowledge of Susanne Fischer-Rizzi. She is internationally known for her work in the field of herbal medicine and her books have been translated into numerous languages. Among the most comprehensive book on herbal water today.


The congress takes place next to the perennial nursery Staudengärnerei Gaissmayer in Illertissen in the "Museum of Garden Culture" in the middle of the plants.


The number of places is limited . We recommend early registration . Registration form >>


Workshops, lectures and more about hydrosols: healing, health caring, aromatherapy, history and olfactory with Susanne Fischer-Rizzi , Ann Harman and Maria Rosaria Belgiorno amongst others. More information >>